Introduction of the spider gag.

The spider gag in the annular plug on the basis of changes in the number of roots increased in the hook symmetrically extended ring side, due to the name like spider. These stretched feet are not simply to increase the beauty of the additional decoration, but also to stabilize the ring, hinder the flip, so that the ring has always maintained a vertical state.

The need to use the spider gag in his mouth and mouth to the top position behind the teeth, then tape around the cheeks behind tied together. If the mouth is too large, it may not be inserted into the back teeth, easy to spit, or cause difficult to remove after stuffing.

In fact, compared to prevent the wearer to speak (after all, to prevent a more effective way to speak), the role of the mouth is to increase the wearer’s sense of shame. If you allow the wearer to see myself in the mirror can greatly enhance the feeling, after all the social attribute is closely linked with human face, distorted by wearing a spider gag facial means a person’s social attribute is completely deprived of.

The main role of the spider gag includes:
Deprived of the wearer’s language ability, only one side of the passive side of the S to accept the will to moan; A certain degree of restriction on free breathing; Unable to complete swallowing action, resulting in unavoidable drooling. The ball is usually used in conjunction with the body bound, so the outflow of saliva can not be erased, step by step to destroy the wearer’s self-esteem, and always attract / distract the wearer’s attention;
Due to the jaw was forced to maintain an unnatural state, after a period of time will feel the pain in the muscles of the jaw.

The ring material is stainless steel and leather. At the same time to keep the mouth open, also provides access to the mouth. Use the spider gag does not exist the risk of suffocation, but because the ring in the mouth may be overturned, losing effect also may cause damage to the oral epithelium.


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