How many fun sex toys you’ve been used when you make love?

Some couples will make use of fun sex toys to help sex, not only to bring a different kind of sex life, but also to a certain extent, enhance the feelings of the couple. Do you know that most of the world’s sex toys are made in China, but do you know about sex toys?

In some countries, fun sex toys are considered obscene, and it is illegal to sell and hold them. For those who do not have sexual partners or orgasm difficulties, the ban will make them very inconvenient. In fact, compared with a person who does not know the sexual relationship, the use of sex toys is a much safer way to meet sexual desire.

It is worth mentioning that the vibration stick is used to treat women with hysteria – so fun sex toys may have some effect!

Although fun sex toys use are safe, but we still have to remind you of a few words: first, the after use must remember to clean, especially when you are together with other people to enjoy the same toys, more attention should be paid to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Never use anal toys anywhere outside the anus, because even if you are very careful, some germs can survive.


In addition, the best choice of high quality toys, because in their production process more stringent. Some fun sex toys may contain toxic or hazardous substances. If you’re not comfortable with the quality of your toys, you can put on a condom, especially if you put them in the vagina or anus. Remember, electricity and water are not compatible. Never use a vibrating stick in the shower!

Some men worry, vibrator and dildos these “evil” fun sex toys will replace their position. However, our male readers can rest assured that, even if a woman may occasionally like to have a battery with the help of a child masturbation, it can never replace the intimacy with a partner. In fact, when your partner uses sex toys, you should be happy because she may be more familiar with her body and explore how to be more cheerful. Can it be a good thing to see her more satisfied?

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