Couple’s penis extensions using methods.

Penis extensions is a cause of concern in a variety of sports events, because it can make people in a short period of time the body to produce greater potential, and even bed exercise is no exception. So the men and women in the sex There are plenty of people who eat stimulant. Light, sexual life is not controlled, long-term fatigue will affect the sexual function of men. So people pursuit of doping, namely the so-called aphrodisiac, drug related selection and use of emerge in an endless stream, however, is that many male compatriots have a headache.

The following is mainly about the use of penis extensions. Penis extensions can be divided into male sexual stimulants, delay female doping agent.
The mechanism of doping: enhancement mechanism function is more complex, but the external agent mechanism is nothing more than the drug was absorbed through the skin, achieve the expansion of genital artery, increase genital sponge sinus blood flow or congestion, stimulate the brain’s “central”, to increase the function of the objective.

Now the sale of the market on the composition of the penis extensions can be seen: Henbin, cocaine, marijuana, ethanol, etc.. Experts recommend that users should be an antidote against the disease in the diagnosis under the guidance of a doctor, must not choose or abuse of stimulants. Otherwise, the effect is often counterproductive.

Penis extensions belongs to topical dosage forms, is sprayed in the glans can work position. But this does not mean that the only spray over the glans position. Because of this external dosage form, the drug needs to be absorbed through the skin, in order to take effect, can not be effectively absorbed, the delay effect will be greatly reduced.

Here is how to correctly use the penis extensions!
Cleaning the penis, especially the glans penis, to prevent the impact of the effect of the absorption of the glans penis, the glans after cleaning, dry with a towel. Shake the bottle of penis extensions, effective components of precipitation, thus affecting the effect. Cover the mouth of the urethra with the fingers (to prevent the solution into the urethra), in the coronary sulcus, the glans of the Department of 1 spray, the penis can also spray. Spray when not too much, gently press on it, you can increase the number of spray. Massage the abdomen for 2-3 minutes to promote absorption. After spraying, it is recommended to massage the glans and penis in order to fully absorb the active ingredient. This can be more effective to enhance the effect. Some spray may be a bit numb, but later will gradually eliminate.

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