Give him the best blow jobs.

For most couples, a best blow jobs can better close the feelings between husband and wife, most couples always choose single sex very during sex, this is very wrong, good sex is two people need to work together, more than changing the same way, so as to make love more memorable.

Oral sex is a very ancient sexual technique, the following collection of all the best blow jobs skills you love hope.

When you first started best blow jobs for men, the first reaction was mostly to vomit. A lot of men always want to put the penis into our throats as much as possible, especially when they ejaculate. The biggest obstacle to swallowing his penis at this time is a nearly 90 degree bend in the human throat, so the first thing to do is to try to get his penis through the hurdle. In order to achieve this effect, you must first find a position to make your mouth and throat almost in a straight line. With his throbbing penis.

In order to allow women to conserve energy, can be used to doing. Let the men lie, women lying on the bed kneeling, the man’s head in the woman’s legs. The main point of this position is the height of the men’s head, if the height is not appropriate, it may not give the woman the best blow jobs, it is possible to make men very tired.

Will you wet lips containing his glans, around the glans (that is, mentioned in front of the soft groove) slowly rotating. This does not require too much skill, but very effective, because it is the most sensitive parts of his sex organs. You don’t need to be an expert, but you have to find his most sensitive zone. Continuous sucking in this area can trigger a swift but powerful ejaculation, and remember not to shake your head up and down to achieve the best blow jobs.

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Something you should do after anal sex.

Many aspects of doing anal sex in the butt are still shrouded in mystery—namely, what to do after anal sex to make sure your booty and lady business stay happy and healthy. Because post-anal health rituals aren’t as commonplace as vaginal, we got in touch with a few experts for the down-low on how to do butt play the healthy way.

If you plan on switching from anal sex at any point during your romp, have be take a time out before penetration to put on a new condom and wash your hands, doing so reduces your risk of STDs and protects you from icky butt-centric bacteria, that can cause infections and UTIs.

Silicone lubes are typically recommended for anal sex since they’re more durable. However, these lubes are also trickier to clean up than water-based lubes, so you might need to take extra steps to fresh up. Consider keeping baby wipes on hand or hopping in the shower for a post-anal scrub. And always remember the golden rule: Never wipe from back to front.

Repetitive anal sex may lead to weakening of the anal sphincter, increasing the risk for fecal incontinence (pooping yourself). The solution: kegel exercises. Kegels are designed to tighten the pelvic-floor muscles and studies show they can tighten the muscles around the anal sphincter as well.

Because your fanny’s not built for penetration, muscle fibers can be easily damaged, along with blood vessels and tissue layers. A little bleeding may be normal after anal sex, says Wider, and a tissue tear is usually the culprit. But if you experience prolonged bleeding or notice sores around the anus or discharge, check in with your doc to make sure everything is okay back there.

After anal sex, there’s a good chance you’re going to feel (and sound) gassier than usual. Fun fact: Because your sphincter muscles could be loose after-the-fact, you may not be able to control the gusts of wind. But, technically, you’re not actually farting. It’s just your body’s way of expelling the air that is trapped in your body during penetration. So let those quasi-farts fly free.

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Try to find yourself during using sex toys.

When the problem of food and clothing, people naturally want to focus on sexual life. Unfortunately, it has been found that at least 10% of people suffer from various degrees of sexual dysfunction, as high as more than 50% of women in sexual life. So, with this issue of the majority of women, as well as discordant couples, disabled, single, how to relieve their sexual pressure?(using sex toys)

Historically, the emergence of sexual devices is a solution. China may be the world’s first use of the country’s appliance, since the stone age, the emergence of sexual organs analog products, mainly for women. Even in the poor, but never sway in the feudal society, using sex toys have been accepted.

We should give a correct evaluation of the role of using sex toys.
When people because of psychological and physiological problems not normally complete sexual intercourse, should not be in a negative attitude, doing nothing to avoid this kind of demand, but should make use of parts of the body, genital outside the drugs or utensils of help to finish activity.

For example, when the penis cannot erect, he can borrow assistant, port, etc. to provide non genital contact for female sexual stimulation, make the woman get satisfaction of sexual desire, but the lack of a partner, also can be used in a variety of instruments, such as the oscillator of masturbation, using sex toys can also enhance the stimulation, help women reach orgasm, sexual life can not let people relieve pressure. In addition, the male does not ejaculate disease, also can use the vagina to help cure.

The history of appliances “tenacious” vitality reflects using sex toys a kind of humanistic care, which itself does not involve moral, ethical and legal problems, so some people call it “obscene” is not justified.

However, using sex toys is not a panacea, they are just icing on the cake when necessary accessories, substitute for human feelings and psychological needs, so the establishment of a happy marriage and harmonious sexual life still has its important significance. Need to remind you that, no matter what kind of sexual dysfunction or sexual problems, first of all, should seek specialist advice, correction. Casual use of equipment, the results may be more harm than good.

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How can girls get orgasm by using sex toys.

When you what to by sex toys online, always worried about being seen, and most of the time had to hide in the corner out of the phone to view, this psychological burden has been struggling in the heart. But does girls using sex toys is wrong?

International experts pointed out that the proper female using sex toys, not only to maintain the normal life of the couple, but also contribute to the harmonious development of society. However, in the use of female sex products at the same time, should also pay attention to the appliance auxiliary tool is ultimately not overdo sth, do not indulge.

Women generally buy sex toys, mainly two kinds, the first is curiosity, both partners to seek stimulation and fresh, add more fun and go back to try to buy some female sex products.
The second is a functional replacement, and functional substitution are divided into two types, one is because of each other because of the body constitution and other causes can not meet the normal women, another is due to women’s physiological demand too high. At this time, if the using sex toys will be very perfect repair the supply and demand relationship between the sexes.

Women’s fun products brand style, in the purchase of female sex products must pay attention to its quality. In the course of the use of the break, fall when the situation has occurred, and the common point of these tragedies is the use of poor women’s fun supplies. One thing to note is that women must be sure to remember to clean and disinfect after using sex toys.

Methods using finger stimulation of the G-spot is very simple, the index finger and middle finger closure, and bent to a certain angle, deep into the vagina about second finger joint deep place, gently massage to find a place where the skin is rough, it is then pointed to the G-spot, pull on the other. Hand can stimulate the female YD on the outside, so the effect is better.
But if you use your hands for a long time, you will certainly feel that you can’t eat it, and you can’t ask others to help you, so you can using sex toys to get orgasm .


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How many fun sex toys you’ve been used when you make love?

Some couples will make use of fun sex toys to help sex, not only to bring a different kind of sex life, but also to a certain extent, enhance the feelings of the couple. Do you know that most of the world’s sex toys are made in China, but do you know about sex toys?

In some countries, fun sex toys are considered obscene, and it is illegal to sell and hold them. For those who do not have sexual partners or orgasm difficulties, the ban will make them very inconvenient. In fact, compared with a person who does not know the sexual relationship, the use of sex toys is a much safer way to meet sexual desire.

It is worth mentioning that the vibration stick is used to treat women with hysteria – so fun sex toys may have some effect!

Although fun sex toys use are safe, but we still have to remind you of a few words: first, the after use must remember to clean, especially when you are together with other people to enjoy the same toys, more attention should be paid to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Never use anal toys anywhere outside the anus, because even if you are very careful, some germs can survive.


In addition, the best choice of high quality toys, because in their production process more stringent. Some fun sex toys may contain toxic or hazardous substances. If you’re not comfortable with the quality of your toys, you can put on a condom, especially if you put them in the vagina or anus. Remember, electricity and water are not compatible. Never use a vibrating stick in the shower!

Some men worry, vibrator and dildos these “evil” fun sex toys will replace their position. However, our male readers can rest assured that, even if a woman may occasionally like to have a battery with the help of a child masturbation, it can never replace the intimacy with a partner. In fact, when your partner uses sex toys, you should be happy because she may be more familiar with her body and explore how to be more cheerful. Can it be a good thing to see her more satisfied?

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Penis sleeves make you strong during sex.

Penis sleeves is a common category of condoms, because of the lack of understanding of penis sleeves. So how about penis sleeves effect a lot of problems. So what about penis sleeves. Sex of medical experts, the condom not only effective contraception, but also has a positive role in improving obviously the sexless female and male dysfunction.

Penis sleeves is a condom, belong to sex toys. For patients with sexual dysfunction in men and women who are middle-aged, or sex couples are not easy, to improve the effect of. The need for contraception, whether young men and women or couples, or elderly couples, condoms are a big role, both to ensure the safety of sexual life, but also effective contraception.

A woman who has a cold nature has a certain therapeutic effect on a person who has a cold nature. Because frigidity is mainly psychological, lack of sexual desire. And the use of sex toys can be carried out from the sexual stimulation. First of all, from the senses to stimulate the visual stimulation, in the use of the process allows women to experience the sexual life can not bring pleasure, can effectively improve libido, ease of frigidity. But also with human lubricant, massage oil and penis sleeves by using collocation, the effect will be better.
People often use condoms and condom mace has a certain distinction, condoms made of soft usually can not directly formed columnar, and penis sleeves can set, it’s like a hard plastic shell, can be very “cool” to stand up.

However, the penis sleeves is not really a mace as “hard”, very flexible it can be rolled up in a girl before, is in accordance with the method of removing the leg socks rolled up, and then put on the penis.
After the men wear penis sleeves, the most intuitive is the penis is “bigger and thicker”. The obvious changes not only let men see their own changes in sex, but also to make a woman feel the penis abnormal”.

In addition, the condom wall than ordinary condoms thicker, which makes men decrease in sex sensitivity enhanced the endurance of men.
More surprising is that men wearing penis sleeves do not need to wear condoms, Langya itself is not possible to set the thickness of the sperm penetration, only weak after ejaculation before pulling out as soon as possible, to avoid overflow of semen.


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Double headed dildo: can be danger with wrong use.

Single women need to solve their own desire, perhaps can also rely on the hands. However, the lesbian, it is more fun to play with the auxiliary tools, double headed dildo is a artifact”. Many people know that a dildo sex toys, it is the female special props. However, ordinary dildo is a single, can only meet.

Double headed dildo is not the same, since it is called “double head” that is two, for lesbians, this is the most ideal temperament. The “double headed dildo” is in fact two dildos fit, while a head, just to meet the needs of the individual two lesbians.

A static “pure silica gel made double headed dildo”; but also in the “middle of the vibration motor is installed double headed dildo”; and writing special, very fine crystal double headed dildo, but this kind of material than relatively hard, not suitable for the less experienced lesbian sex. There are a number of “U” type of double headed dildo, is convenient for the female face embrace, double headed dildo can enter from the rational perspective, two to bring pleasure.














Most of the “double headed dildo” on the rod body with a spiral pattern, pattern, floating point, even mace like spikes. Of course, it is also made of the soft material of the characteristics, will only increase the pleasure, will not hurt the organ. Although the “double headed dragon” has two heads, it can also be used alone. If love “flying”, “double headed dildo” also can achieve good effect.

Double headed dildo is the indispensable first “artifact” of lesbians”. In addition, if double headed dildo is dry, then with lubricant. The double headed dildo maintenance used double headed dildo, must pay attention to clean, the best washing with water and can use some non corrosive cleaning agents; as with ordinary dildo, double headed dildo cannot be used by many people, two individuals can, but must remember, backyard and vagina do not mix to avoid the infection of bacteria.

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Couple’s penis extensions using methods.

Penis extensions is a cause of concern in a variety of sports events, because it can make people in a short period of time the body to produce greater potential, and even bed exercise is no exception. So the men and women in the sex There are plenty of people who eat stimulant. Light, sexual life is not controlled, long-term fatigue will affect the sexual function of men. So people pursuit of doping, namely the so-called aphrodisiac, drug related selection and use of emerge in an endless stream, however, is that many male compatriots have a headache.

The following is mainly about the use of penis extensions. Penis extensions can be divided into male sexual stimulants, delay female doping agent.
The mechanism of doping: enhancement mechanism function is more complex, but the external agent mechanism is nothing more than the drug was absorbed through the skin, achieve the expansion of genital artery, increase genital sponge sinus blood flow or congestion, stimulate the brain’s “central”, to increase the function of the objective.

Now the sale of the market on the composition of the penis extensions can be seen: Henbin, cocaine, marijuana, ethanol, etc.. Experts recommend that users should be an antidote against the disease in the diagnosis under the guidance of a doctor, must not choose or abuse of stimulants. Otherwise, the effect is often counterproductive.

Penis extensions belongs to topical dosage forms, is sprayed in the glans can work position. But this does not mean that the only spray over the glans position. Because of this external dosage form, the drug needs to be absorbed through the skin, in order to take effect, can not be effectively absorbed, the delay effect will be greatly reduced.

Here is how to correctly use the penis extensions!
Cleaning the penis, especially the glans penis, to prevent the impact of the effect of the absorption of the glans penis, the glans after cleaning, dry with a towel. Shake the bottle of penis extensions, effective components of precipitation, thus affecting the effect. Cover the mouth of the urethra with the fingers (to prevent the solution into the urethra), in the coronary sulcus, the glans of the Department of 1 spray, the penis can also spray. Spray when not too much, gently press on it, you can increase the number of spray. Massage the abdomen for 2-3 minutes to promote absorption. After spraying, it is recommended to massage the glans and penis in order to fully absorb the active ingredient. This can be more effective to enhance the effect. Some spray may be a bit numb, but later will gradually eliminate.

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Best blow jobs: let him enjoy sex.

No man does not love the woman give him best blow jobs, when a man penis was a woman with tongue, that kind of feeling and ecstasy of conquest, let every man enjoy endless happiness within. However, with the mouth licking penis, is not an easy thing. This need to master certain skills, can let you easily win him, let him in your mouth, enjoy the roar.

Oral skills: serving her first before she give you the best blow jobs.
Of course, if you want a woman to lick your penis, first of all, it is necessary for the female oral sex, let her feel the beauty of it, will serve you. Wild women with this oral skill is more appropriate. Let a man lying on the bed, the head out of the bed, and then sit aside shy boys in the face, so enjoy it! Is your tongue into the mysterious place, let her know groan unbearable, climax drown. However, it should be noted that you can not ride too hard or too tight, so as not to suffocate the man or neck damage. Remember, be safety! If there is vaginal dryness, you can try to use lubricant to solve.

Oral sex skills: suck the dick, simple best blow jobs.
Most men want to experience this kind of pleasure. As long as quietly do, let the woman lying on the legs between the good. This kind of oral sex can give a man the enjoyment of honor, completely surrendered in the woman’s hands and mouth. Features: this formula can be carried out in a lot of places, at any time to solve the desire of men’s volcanic eruption.

Oral skills: standing sucking penis, effortless
Standing posture compared to some Flute “arduous”, because the man must stand, and if a woman is appropriate, can squat or kneel, not the ideal condition is squat. But this way of licking the penis is more casual, in the locker room, toilet, elevator, the corner of the party, the company’s tea room, can be left to love memory.
No matter in what way is licking penis, we have only one objective, that is in order to enjoy best blow jobs, in order to more pleasure. Of course, before oral sex, women should pay attention to clean oral hygiene, men should pay attention to the cleaning of the penis, in order to make oral sex better, healthier.

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Introduction of the spider gag.

The spider gag in the annular plug on the basis of changes in the number of roots increased in the hook symmetrically extended ring side, due to the name like spider. These stretched feet are not simply to increase the beauty of the additional decoration, but also to stabilize the ring, hinder the flip, so that the ring has always maintained a vertical state.

The need to use the spider gag in his mouth and mouth to the top position behind the teeth, then tape around the cheeks behind tied together. If the mouth is too large, it may not be inserted into the back teeth, easy to spit, or cause difficult to remove after stuffing.

In fact, compared to prevent the wearer to speak (after all, to prevent a more effective way to speak), the role of the mouth is to increase the wearer’s sense of shame. If you allow the wearer to see myself in the mirror can greatly enhance the feeling, after all the social attribute is closely linked with human face, distorted by wearing a spider gag facial means a person’s social attribute is completely deprived of.

The main role of the spider gag includes:
Deprived of the wearer’s language ability, only one side of the passive side of the S to accept the will to moan; A certain degree of restriction on free breathing; Unable to complete swallowing action, resulting in unavoidable drooling. The ball is usually used in conjunction with the body bound, so the outflow of saliva can not be erased, step by step to destroy the wearer’s self-esteem, and always attract / distract the wearer’s attention;
Due to the jaw was forced to maintain an unnatural state, after a period of time will feel the pain in the muscles of the jaw.

The ring material is stainless steel and leather. At the same time to keep the mouth open, also provides access to the mouth. Use the spider gag does not exist the risk of suffocation, but because the ring in the mouth may be overturned, losing effect also may cause damage to the oral epithelium.


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